Time for a Think Through Brew

Developing communication at at time of crisis can be a lonely place. Decisions have to be made quickly and with the minimum of fuss. For anyone leading a communication team there is a huge sense of pressure and isolation.

Sometimes all you need is a moment to reflect on what you have done and to think about what might be coming next. But when you are working at 100 per cent, have had little sleep, and are spinning so many plates it is difficult to find the time.

It is why I have developed the ‘Think Through Brew’. A chance to take 20 minutes to have a brew, coffee or tea depending on your preference, and a chat with me. I have developed a mid-crisis communication checklist to work through that will give some pointers for the future. The idea came after discussions with communication leaders in recent weeks.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a huge test and has brought personal and professional challenges. Many have been faced with developing crisis communication plans and advising senior leaders. It is high stakes work that can feel both relentless and exhausting. And at the moment there is no end in sight.

I have seen comms teams doing amazing things, working non-stop and giving everything they can to help organisations through the uncertainty. Anyone who is not used to working in a crisis it can feel different and that is unsettling. You are likely to be doing the right things but just need some reassurance that this is the case.

The Think Through Brew will run for the next few weeks. I will give around 20 minutes each day to help someone. Why 20 minutes? Well the usual amount of time I take to make and drink a brew. This is enough time to take a breath and think through what you have done and what is to come. I will provide guidance based on the information in my book Crisis Communication Strategies that was published at the start of May. The checklist helps to focus on what should have been done or considered at this mid-crisis point for communication.

Think Through Brew launches today (Wednesday 10 June). It is open to all and you can get involved by messaging me through Twitter (@amandacomms) or LinkedIn, or email me amanda@amandacolemancomms.co.uk . It doesn’t matter who you work for, where in the world you are based, or what has been done. This is your time and it is available free.

Get in touch now to book a Think Through Brew slot. Brews are optional all you need is a small amount of time and some enthusiasm.



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