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Taking a timeout

I have written many times about how difficult life can be and how we need to take care of ourselves to deal with it. Over the past few weeks and months I have felt like I have lost my way … Continue reading

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No dress rehearsal

You might have spotted a new programme being promoted by Channel 4. In this latest lifestyle series people have the chance of leaving their life behind to go and do something more exciting. But why don’t we do this anyway? … Continue reading

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Part of the story

It may have escaped your attention but today is International Day of Happiness and a chance for us to consider what makes us happy. That may sound like a really simple question: what makes you happy? It may be a … Continue reading

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47 notes on life

I seem to be hurtling towards my 50th birthday and am still surprised by the fact that in my head I am still mid-20s but that isn’t what I see in the mirror. Today I reached the grand old age … Continue reading

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With a little help

The weather conditions have been the only real story in town this week. We saw people stuck in vehicles on motorways, people snowed into their homes and people struggling to get to their vital work. One thing stuck out throughout … Continue reading

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Just one thing

Twelve months ago I wrote about the achievements I wanted to complete in 2017. For many years I have avoided the resolutions route because inevitably people don’t keep to them and end up frustrated and disappointed just a few days … Continue reading

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The last door

As you are preparing the Christmas festivities and opening the last door of the advent calendar I thought it was time to reflect on what I have learnt during Advent. Firstly, I believe I know what the true spirit of … Continue reading

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