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Passion, resilience and creativity – this is my home

This is a slightly different blog subject for me but one that I felt I needed to write. Yesterday I was in London and I wondered how it would feel after recent events. After many years I now feel comfortable … Continue reading

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What makes me happy

Tomorrow is International Day of Happiness. You may want to dismiss it as just another gimmicky celebration day following from the recent Pie Week and Toast Day. I see it slightly differently. At a time when we are all under … Continue reading

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A panoramic view

Working in communication roles is a massive challenge and yet many of us still do it and more than that we enjoy doing it. Why is this when the pressure is huge and the demands are ever increasing? There are … Continue reading

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Crack the young code

I had a glimpse of the future today and I was bowled over. Being in a room full of technical people is usually something I would run a mile from but I really enjoyed it. This particular room full of … Continue reading

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An age of innocence

When we are young we spend all our time trying to be more grown up. We want to be able to do things like driving, being legally able to drink and to leave our childhood behind. The grass always looked … Continue reading

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Use it and move on

I am still surprised with organisations that don’t get on board with digital developments and social media. After more than five years it has become just part of daily life and yet some businesses are still trying to find out … Continue reading

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Making my heart sing

Today was day two of my weekend and my quest to get control of my mood. I have spent the whole day once again avoiding the subject of work in a bid to increase my resilience for the week ahead. … Continue reading

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