This is no recovery

We have reached week 12 after lockdown at the end of March and some aspects of the new way of life are becoming more acceptable. I still miss being able to just get up and go wherever I want to without having to phone ahead or plan in advance. I still miss meeting and chatting to people. Most importantly, I still miss being able to give my Mum and Dad a big hug.

There is a lot of discussion about recovery, what it will look like, when it will come and how much of our old way of life can be return to? It is difficult to answer many of those questions at the moment because we are in what I am calling a mid-crisis phase.

We have become used to a crisis that runs for a finite period of time. They start, run for possibly a week or two and then we are heading towards recovery. It has all felt very neat and tidy. Once we get towards recovery we are starting to pick up life as it was. But Covid-19 is not like anything we have experienced in our lifetime. This is a crisis that we are all going to have to learn to live with.

It makes the move to recovery even more problematic so perhaps we should stop trying to rush forward towards it. If we spent more time dealing with the next, or mid-crisis, phase then we will be more ready and able to move forward when we can. This is a time when we need to take stock, reflect on what has happened over the past 12 weeks and then look at the steps in the coming weeks.

Monday will see more businesses and shops able to reopen in some form. It is a significant step but should not be confused with recovery. They will be opening, trying to carve a new way forward and find how to take the next steps. We can expect more challenges, more turbulance and more uncertainty. So how do we deal with where we are now?

Use the time now to start to develop a roadmap for the future. Communicators have a critical role in helping businesses to find a way forward, develop a new narrative for the company and reshape the brand. They can outline the next steps and use information and insight as a catalyst to drive the change. To do all this though they need to have recharged and bounced back from the 12 weeks of crisis management.

The future may be uncertain but now is the time that we can start to shape and develop what it could look like, if we just have the time.

*This week I launched my Think Through Brew offer (see the previous blog) a no cost 20 minute chat to take stock and prepare for the next phase of the crisis. Message me if you want to know more or get involved.

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