Trust and transparency

There are reports today that another person has died after purchasing food from a Pret A Manger store. It follows a recent inquest that was critical of the food labelling at the chain.

Since I have been a vegan I have been continually surprised by the lack of understanding of food allergies and preferences. I have had places say they have vegan dishes that include milk and cheese. The training is definitely lacking.

At the heart is this is trust and transparency. We trust that the food industry will follow the standards that are laid down and that we are getting what the product says it is. In recent years there have been many scandals about food quality including horse meat in food and meat in vegetarian meals.

The whole industry needs to prioritise transparency because if you can’t trust the food you are not going to eat it. It is something that is vital to all business and to communication ensuring transparency can support trust.

If you can see what the company is about and you know the product then you will be confident. Confidence leads to trust and trust will mean happy customers or service users. This is what we should be aiming for.

Businesses need to be confident with themselves to be transparent about what they do. But it is a way of gathering vital feedback to keep moving forward and improving.

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