A moment in time

I missed tonight’s #Commschat on Twitter and it was probably because I need to manage my time better. Being serious the subject under discussion was where time challenges occur and what can be done to ensure there is some thinking time.

It is a perennial problem for public sector communicators who often are doing two or three roles. Since 2010 teams have been streamlined and reduced in size but there has not necessarily been the required prioritisation and reworking of the role. The result is people stretching themselves often too far.

One of my frustrations with time management are those people who demand a senior comms person at a meeting for no other reason than for them to be some kind of comfort blanket. Then there are the people who appear unannounced and just want ‘five minutes’ of your time when what they really want is an hour or two.

When you are being stretched having time to clear your head and think things through is even more critical but you often feel guilty about not remaining on the treadmill.

So on a positive note I will give my five tips for how to try and manage your time.

1. Block time out in your diary so that you can do work or have some thinking time. It will mean people can’t just add meetings.

2. Prioritise as much as you can. Do what you can today and recognise what you may need to leave until a future time. Knowing what matters will help.

3. Get organised. The more you have a handle on the tasks the easier it is to prioritise as mentioned. Files, to do lists, forward planning folders will all help.

4. Delegate. You can only do so much so use the opportunities to get others involved. It will help their development and give you some support.

5. Ensure you have downtime. When you are busy you can eat into your home life and work beyond your hours. It may be required in an emergency or for the odd occasion but you can’t do it every day as it will leave you with nothing to give.

I don’t always follow these tips but when I do I have increased resilience and I can manage my time more effectively.

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