Enforced social media detox

I haven’t felt very well today. I say this not for any sympathy but to explain that I haven’t looked at social media for the majority of the day. It is an enforced detox because I didn’t have the energy to look let alone the inclination to see what was going on. But it has left me with a number of feelings.

To start with I feel like people may feel I have been rude. I am always online and available on social media so today when I was tagged and failed to respond it may have prompted a negative view. What it needs is to have the equivalent of the email out of office message that could appear in social media.

I am also concerned that I may have missed out on the conversation. Given the absence it will be difficult to catch up and I know I may have missed something. It is more than a fear of missing out it is realising there is part of the day you have lost.

It has given me a chance to switch off as I tried to recover from whatever bug has hit me. Not worrying about social media and what is happening is quite relaxing. My time was with my thoughts and that can be very liberating.

I am writing this curled up with a hot water bottle and under a duvet hoping that if I rest I will feel better tomorrow. I can then resume on social media.

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