With a little help

The weather conditions have been the only real story in town this week. We saw people stuck in vehicles on motorways, people snowed into their homes and people struggling to get to their vital work. One thing stuck out throughout this extreme weather week and that was how people stepped forward to help others.

There were countless tales of people going out of their way to help those in need and doing it for no other reason than they wanted to help. From providing food to giving someone a bed for the night through to driving nurses into work people stepped in.

It can restore faith in human nature and that show how we can help each other. The big question I am left with is why don’t we do this throughout the year? Why don’t we have this approach when we are not in the middle of a crisis?

In our busy lives it is easy to rush around focused on what we are doing and what we want to achieve. There is little or no time for us to share with others and to do selfless acts.

But for those who are in a positive position and they may be driving a 4×4 or have the spare bed to give it is a rewarding experience to think about others. During Lent I have committed to doing random acts of kindness and do things to help others.

I have to admit that it hasn’t been easy trying to think about others at some point each day and to find things to do that will benefit them. One thing is clear is that doing this Lent challenge will make me more aware of others and remind me that we all need to work together to improve life.

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