Snow joke

For the majority of the week there has been only one topic of conversation – the weather or as the newspapers would term it extreme weather or snowmaggedon. It has dominated the media with reporters being stuck in windswept and snow covered fields talking about the conditions.

There have been numerous warnings that people in many parts of the country should stay at home. Travel is discouraged and there have been stories of people being stuck for hours stranded in their cars.

For some the options of working from home or taking the day off don’t exist. Emergency services workers, local authority staff, NHS workers, those caring for others and even those looking after animals all have to be at work.

It is worth sparing a thought to those that face those demands. I have watched a news report of nurses sleeping at hospital so they can continue to give care. And as I write this one of my colleagues is back in work and will stay as long as is necessary.

Being a police communicator has its good points but one of them is definitely not being called in to work overnight. Why do we do it? Ultimately it means we can help people in need and support the emergency services frontline that is out no matter what the weather does.

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