At the heart of the matter

Effective communication needs to be at the heart of any organisation or business. We would say that we are professional communicators but that is exactly why we can say that.

Communicators have a unique position and can see across the business. They see the frontline, the cigs that keep it working, the past and the future. Or at least they should if they are working effectively.

There is a lot of discussion about PR and communicator sitting at the top table and yes it should. But it should also sit in the canteen, in the shop front and in the planning meetings. In fact, it has to be across the whole business.

This makes it a very privileged but also very pressured position. With the seat at the top table and involvement in strategic decisions comes demand and a personal test. It pushes your resilience, your ability to bounce back, your knowledge of not only communication but of the way the business works. We shouldn’t take this lightly and if we ask we need to be ready to step up.

It is why personal development and ongoing training has to be at the heart of our work. There are many options out there and support available so there are really no excuses for failing to develop and improve your skills.

There is no quick way to reach the top table or to gain support and trust. It comes from continued personal development, demonstrating your skills and showing you really understand the business. Once you are there the hard work really begins.

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