Who we really are

I was listening to an interview with comedian Micky Flanagan tonight. He isn’t really my cup of tea but there was an interesting discussion about how he is the same off stage as on stage. This is always an interesting subject as I have written before about how we often try to be something else or wear a mask.

It was comforting to me that I received some feedback from one of the team recently about this very issue. Unknown to me she was assessing me when I stood on stage to welcome people to the Association of Police Communicators conference. The question she had was if I was going to be the same person that she sees every day at work. Thankfully I was and I think that was welcomed.

We often forget that we are being watched particularly when we are in any leadership position. Everything we do and say will be reviewed and assessed by those around us. It is worth remembering this but not so we can be someone else. The key in all these circumstances is for us to be authentic and to be ourselves.

Authenticity is a critical element to modern life and yet it is often forgotten. It is this honesty that is vital for effective communication on a daily basis, when under pressure and in all aspects of business. Being true to ourselves is important for all of us. There is nothing more stressful than trying to be something you are not.

In the middle of the Christmas festivities it is easy to forget who we are so keep authenticity as your watchword every day.

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