Spare a thought

I had a lovely day off today indulging in some Christmas shopping and getting some more chores done. I was also able to spend a bit of time with a good friend to talk about life, work, priorities and 2018. It reminded me how important it is having people around to help and support.

The festive period can be a lonely time for many people. I have seen a number of charity adverts that try to make people aware that if you are alone then the Christmas and New Year period can be really depressing. If you are sitting down to eat on your own and you have no visitors then the fun and festivities around you can feel a world away.

Christmas can be quite a selfish time. We become obsessed with our own celebrations, buying presents, sorting the food and pushing to find the perfect Christmas. There is so much to do that we can easily forget all those who find the season a real trial.

Charities really need our help at this time of year. They need us all to remember that we can make the season better for many people who are struggling. There are food banks, toy drives, animal shelters needing support and all kinds of fundraising. You don’t need to go far to do it as most large supermarkets are providing drop off points for toys or for food banks. We just need to give a little bit of time and thought to others.

When you are next out shopping, buying presents, finding Christmas food or making plans remember those who will have a tough time this year.

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