The wood or the trees

We have all had those days when we can’t see the wood for the trees. The days when all the little things now look like big things with a large amount of work attached and deadlines looming. These are the days when we need to call on our inner resilience and have the support of those around us to make it through.

It is a fact of life that there are times when we will feel overwhelmed by what is ahead. Modern life is full, as I have said before, of demands and challenges, and we live it full on at 100 miles an hour most of the time. We pack as much in as possible which can mean little time to step back and see the big picture. So, how do we deal with these feelings of being overwhelmed by work, home or other aspects of life?

The key for me is to stop looking at the entirety of the work and instead start to look at the small steps that will help take you further forward heading to the end goal. All big activities are only possible by undertaking those small actions. If you focus on the small steps, and start to make them achievable you will be moving towards reaching the conclusion of the project.

Project planning is really not my thing. I like to have a strategy and then get stuck in so that I can start to deliver. But there are times when there are many projects that need to be concluded in a short timescale, or where the activity has widespread implications, that we need to undertake some project planning. If not for the project and the team then just for our own mental state.

Being able to spot the signs that you are losing perspective and are getting stuck in the enormity of the tasks ahead is one of the most critical things. In 2016 there is no likelihood that the world will slow down so how I deal with it becomes even more important. I have given myself a good talking to and am now identifying the small steps I need to take.


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