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Time out

On Friday I wrote about another busy week that I had survived only due to the support of some good friends. Today I was we able to give myself some time to relax and unwind. It stopped me thinking about … Continue reading

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Remove the stigma

The workings of our minds are available only to us. If we have problems unless we decide to tell people they would never know. On World Mental Health Day it is worth remembering that we never know what other people … Continue reading

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A lonely place

I was asked recently what I did to relax from a stressful job. As any reader of his blog will know I am lucky to have a strong support network of family and friends as well as my menagerie that … Continue reading

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The future of PR

There seems to have been a lot of discussion of what the future of PR can and should be. Some of it is aspirational and some is hamstrung by the past. Both the Chartered Institute for Public Relations and the … Continue reading

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Taking a timeout

I have written many times about how difficult life can be and how we need to take care of ourselves to deal with it. Over the past few weeks and months I have felt like I have lost my way … Continue reading

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47 notes on life

I seem to be hurtling towards my 50th birthday and am still surprised by the fact that in my head I am still mid-20s but that isn’t what I see in the mirror. Today I reached the grand old age … Continue reading

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The real story

Many people will have read the story about the former Sainsbury’s employee Mrs Salomon who was able to continue to work despite living with Alzheimer’s. She managed to do it only with the support of her employers who made reasonable … Continue reading

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