Really, is this me?

Have you ever stopped and took a look at your life and wondered how you got there? It is that moment when you are taken back to your childhood self to ask them whether they would have ever thought that was what the future held. I had a moment like that today when I was forced to step out of my life and take a look.

A girl from Wigan that was chastised for being lazy at primary school and took far too long to learn how to tell the time was today in a room full of lawyers in Manchester talking about social media and the law. It was an odd experience as I never expected during my school days or in my early working life that I would be sat as part of a panel discussing the impact of social media on people’s lives and the need to educate to ensure people are protecting themselves.

I have had the same feeling at other times in my life. One that springs to mind was when I was sat in the judge training at the dressage national championships alongside titled people. Me with my giant horse that was never designed for the delicate moves of dressage had bulldozed our way into what had always felt like a closed environment. In a recent blog I talked about the need to step out of the world around us that is our bubble and back then and today I seem to have done that again.

Sometimes I take a look at my life and realise how lucky I am, how much I have achieved, how much I have. It is what I should do much more frequently and as today is World Gratitude Day it has brought the importance of saying thank you into sharp focus. I may not always enjoy my life, I may get upset or frustrated, but on the whole I am just amazed by what I have and what I have become.

So in the spirit of World Gratitude Day I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped me throughout my life. It is a very long list so all I can say is you know who you are and I am very grateful to you all.

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