Back to my roots

The past week was a really tough one at work. Partly because of the amount of work that had to be done, and arrived relentlessly throughout the working week. But also because we were short-staffed through a series of circumstances beyond anyone’s control. It would have been easy to get overwhelmed and stressed by the daily grind to keep things going. It didn’t so what did I learn?

Firstly, it proved that the Musketeers had it right. It does have to be ‘all for one and one for all’ to really achieve results. We all worked together no matter what our specialism, what we were working on or what our personal views were. Each member of the team recognised how important they were as a vital cog in the team. We support those most in need and in turn it ensured we all supported each other.

Secondly, it highlighted the significant place a sense of humour and some light relief have within the busy work environment. Well being and mindfulness may be the buzz words at the moment but being able to have a laugh within the team is also essential.

Finally, I got the chance to go back to my roots. I was drafted in to deal with the media queries that were coming in and as my boss told me it wasn’t demotion it was going ‘back to the floor’. It may have happened because of a necessity (we didn’t have enough people to do the job) but it was a great way of keeping in touch with what the frontline staff are facing.

When the week drew to a close we could reflect on what had been achieved. It may not have been earth-shattering but in doing the day-to-day well and as a team we had achieved a lot. It isn’t something we want to face on a regular basis but we came through it and gained a lot from the experience.

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