With a little patience

It may sound very unlikely but I have just finished my first attempt at needlepoint. For those who don’t know this is when you do very small stitches to create an image and it is really labour intensive and time-consuming. It sounded like a good idea to undertaken this huge task as a special anniversary present for loved ones. But I don’t think I really understood the one thing it needed above all – patience.

We all need to be able to show patience in our lives, with work, with relationships and with events that we want to make happen. It is true that the best things are worth the wait but in that waiting time you need to keep your cool which may not be easy.

Modern life has brought us much. The ability to be able to keep in touch with people when we are on the go, fresh food whenever we want it, ever-increasing healthcare, the list is endless. But in this fast paced world where we can get so much at our fingertips it is becoming ever more difficult to be able to remain patient.

I believe patience is a really important asset for us all. It helps us to remain focused on what we want, but also to enjoy where we are at the moment. It encourages us to save up for the items we want to buy knowing we can own them without our debt growing. It allows us to build happiness today, now in a mindful way.

Things may have to happen at a slower speed. We may need to invest years to get to where we ultimately would like to be. For example, we have to invest three or more years at university to secure the relevant qualification, or we may need to build our knowledge and experience within work to get that management job we want to have. Neither of those things are going to happen overnight so if we can be patient we will have a more rewarding time on the journey ahead.

I may not take up needlepoint as an everyday pastime but it has reminded me that patience is a key part of modern life, and something we should not forget.

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One Response to With a little patience

  1. sezzychats says:

    Very True ..The observation is really eye opening..


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