Summing up my contribution to the week

I have written before about the importance of considering how you present yourself and what legacy you leave behind. As I was driving home from work today (Friday) I listened, as I often do, to the Last Word on Radio 4. For anyone who hasn’t heard it, it isn’t the most cheery of programmes as it is a weekly obituary programme giving the life stories of those who have recently died.

If you look at it from a positive perspective then it is a great way to learn about some of the amazing achievements of people not just the famous but real people who have made a difference. On the latest programme they were discussing one person and the interviewee provided a list to describe them.

So what would people list about me? What are the achievements I have made? But more than that how would people describe me?

There is nothing more powerful than the impression you make when you meet people whether you know them or not. Every day we cross paths with hundreds of people and every one of those connections is a chance to leave a little joy. It is a chance to make people smile and for them to feel good if only we make the effort.

For anyone working in a public facing role this is important. If you are a nurse, police officer, council worker or other such service provider then being able to leave a positive impression even when you are under pressure and may not be at your best is a vital skill. With the work environment becoming increasingly challenging as there are fewer people and still more things to do keeping morale up is going to be one of the critical things for public sector bosses.

As I reflect on a week at work I wonder what words people would use to sum me up? My three words on my contribution to this week would be demanding, knowledgeable and fun. Hopefully others may agree.

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