Happy Samhain

I don’t like Halloween and this may have a lot to do with the fact I have mild coulnophobia. For anyone not sure what that is it is a fear of clowns and for some reason there are a lot of them around at this time of year. I find the whole dressing up thing not to my taste and trick or treat can be really menacing. But there is something I do appreciate at this time of year.

In the past this was a time to celebrate Samhain, a time when the barrier between life and the spirits is at its narrowest. When you read into it this is where a lot of today’s Halloween traditions come from but there is a part of it I really value. This should be the night when we celebrate our ancestors and those people who brought us to this point in life. 

Tonight I am going to do that and I will start now. First I am grateful to my Granny Taylor a wonderfully individual and eccentric lady who could write a great story. I love that I have taken what she did and made it my work and profession. Then I was privileged to have known and loved Bamper as my Grandad Taylor was known. He was so loving and had a range of phrases that can be used in many situations and live on today.

I am grateful to my Granny Coleman such an interesting woman who we sad goodbye to only a few years ago. She was always immaculately turned out, loved her dogs and had a larder always full of treats for visiting children. Finally, my Grampy Coleman a man who new antiques and was involved in many clubs and societies. He was quite a scary man to a young child but had so many amazing stories.

I hope that they are proud with what I have done so far and what I have achieved. I treasure the photos I have of them on the mantle piece and feel them with me. So tonight I will remember them and thank them for all they have given me. Happy Samhain everyone.

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1 Response to Happy Samhain

  1. Vince says:

    Great to see you’re still blogging Amanda. A great inspiration to us closet writers.


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