Make a difference 

I had the chance to do something good today for someone else. A situation arose where I could either step up and help or just ignore it. The whole situation had no impact on my life and was about other people.

There was no question about what I would do. I had the chance to improve someone’s life in their time of need. I took time out of my day to sort the issue out and I was pleased I could help.

This was the sort of thing that will never feature on an appraisal. No one will really know what I have done. It is important to me to do this and try to improve people’s lives when I can. The little things are what makes the difference and getting involved in acts of kindness.

If we all helped others around us then the world would be a happier place. We can all make people smile if we recognise the times we can make a difference. Recognise them and then do something about it.

When someone comes knocking on your door, when someone asks for a little it is help will you be there to help? Will you go out of your way to make a difference?

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