Blogtober: what have I learnt

I gave myself a seven day break after finishing Blogtober. For anyone that didn’t know or missed it that was a challenge of blogging every day during October. It isn’t a major pressure for me after I completed a blog every day during 2016. Nevertheless it was still tough and taught me a lot about myself.

Firstly it had reinforced how opinionated I am and that can be both good and bad. I hold a lot of views on work, life and other things and this can be positive. But I need to make sure these views are challenged and kept in check so that they are helping me on my journey.

It has reminded me why I do the job I do and that at the heart is a love of communication in all yes forms. Writing will always be my first love and I need to find the opportunities when I can do it during my day. It is really easy to lose sight of what’s I chose this career. Life gets busy and complicated and it can be a distant thing. Focusing on blogging during the last month has brought all those feelings about communication flooding back.

There is a lot going on in the world and close to home. I have had no problem finding subjects for my blogs as there are no quiet days at the moment. This has been a hugely challenging year with barely a moment to catch my breath. In my professional and personal life there has been so much happening although sometimes it has been a little painful to share.

Finally I have realised that when I put my mind to do something and am passionate about it then I can achieve it. I love having that knowledge and feel the world is my oyster. I just have to work out what I want.

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