Coughs and sneezes

The human body is a frail thing. We like to think that we are able to withstand a lot but it takes surprisingly little to floor us. For the past week I have had what I thought was a cold but now I think must have been flu.

Every day I have been hoping to feel better but with no luck. Yesterday I ended up at the walk-in centre after succumbing to an ear infection. So I have now had a cough, cold, sore throat, sneezing, fever and now ear infection. I am not sure my body can cope.

I was finally given some antibiotics so hope that I will clear this bug soon and before something else happens. We try to look after ourselves and even if we do can still become ill. Frustratingly there is not much to do other than take the tablets and rest.

Of course rest isn’t something I am very good at so this week has been very long and annoying. It makes me a difficult patient for those trying to help as I am angry and ungrateful.

I am only hoping that I start to feel better soon as this has been a very dull and depressing Christmas where my body has let me down and succumbed to illness. 

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