2016: a year of loss

There is a lot of discussion about how 2016 has seen more celebrities dying than in previous years. A few weeks ago I was listening to More or Less on Radio 4 who proved that statistically there was no difference. Even with the events of the past few days it would not be a notable increase.

Why then does this year feel like we have suffered greater losses? I think part of it is that there have been a number of celebrities who had widespread appeal who have died during the year. More of us have been affected by the loss of major icons who had been working for years at a high level.

The deaths have also reminded us of our own mortality which is something we try to avoid. It brings death into our living room as we read about it and hear about the tragic events. For me there has been the loss of part of my childhood as Princess Leia was the first strong woman I saw in films at the age of 6. I grew up with George Michael being the soundtrack even though I didn’t like it you couldn’t escape it. The music has now been silenced.

We have to accept that death is part of life. It can arrive when we least expect it and rich or poor it makes no difference. What we have to take from 2016 is that we need to make the most of each day and enjoy what we have. Life is very fragile and fleeting so grab it while you can.

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