Relying on others

It is now over a week since I developed flu and during that time the most energetic thing I could do was getting out of bed in the morning. I can’t remember being this ill in my lifetime except perhaps as a child when I had chickenpox.

All of the demands that exist in my life have needed others to take on. I haven’t been able to go to work so have relied on the team to keep things going. I haven’t been able to ride my horse and have had to ask others to keep him fit.

At home we have run out of food so I have had to rely on my other half to go shopping. It wasn’t the best shop ever but has given us some basic supplies. 

What have I been doing for the past week? One thing – sleeping. It seems to be the only way to help my body get over this flu. There is nothing more frustrating when you want to do things but have no energy and end up tired. As the days go on now I am just praying that I will start to feel better.

This isn’t the way I had expected to spend Christmas and New Year. 

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1 Response to Relying on others

  1. suztara says:

    Hope you feel better soon – is horrible to have been that ill. Try taking some honey & fresh lemon in hot water 🙂


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