The day today

Building on from yesterday’s blog about my attempts to reconnect with my inner child, I was struck today about the need to be focused on the here and now. As soon as we can think about things we are wishing our life away by wanting holidays, to leave school, to go to university, to start work, to buy our first house, and it goes on. Before we know it we have hit middle age and are wondering what happened to all the time.

As I was driving to a reiki training session today with the sun peeping out from the clouds I thought this is my life. That might sound a bit odd but it was a sudden awareness of my day and that it would come and go and never return. It made me realise I need to appreciate what I have and to spend a bit more time in the here and now.

I think the here and now is a constant thread through a lot of my blogs and it comes from knowledge that I have reached middle age in what has been the blink of an eye. Days come and go, months come and go and years come and go if we don’t take some time to stop and look at what is around us we will miss out. We will never appreciate the wonderful things in our lives, those fantastic days, amazing sunsets and great achievements. In the quest for bigger and better we are looking so far ahead we miss what is at our feet.

For many people when Sunday night arrives they are already thinking about next weekend and what they are going to do. Getting through the week is just a chore that has to be done before the weekend off arrives. At this time of year people start to wish they were at Christmas and by the New Year we are thinking of summer holidays. Planning ahead is fine but only if we spend as much time on the day today.



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