More than the JD

You could go to work, do your hours, and make sure that you are doing what is set out in the job description. It will mean things are getting done but where does leadership come into the discussion. If we are operating as senior staff within an organisation do we need to be doing a bit more than the job?

Leadership is often written about, extensively discussed and for me is often forgotten by those in management roles. Being a manager and being a leader are two completely different things. The manager is all about the job description and sticking to what is asked of them. They may do it well but they do the job. However, the leader will see the wider implications, will understand the people within their responsibility and is part of the organisation.

As a leader you need to be ready to be involved in many aspects of the organisation including those that are not within your area of responsibility. You see something that needs to be addressed and you step in to deal with it. You are there at times of celebration and at times of crisis. You are prepared to share your views to help improve the business. You support your staff to ensure that they are developing, improving and that their excellent work is recognised. You step outside your comfort zone to make progress. And alongside all that you do the job and provide the direction to those you have responsibility for.

It is simple really. Well it would be if we were able to do all those things. The challenges of the modern workplace where the demands are extensive, the budgets are stretched and there may be skill and knowledge gaps make this problematic. But if we are prepared to take the salary and the job title we must be prepared to do more than just the job description.

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