First day joy or blues?

Many children started their first day at school today, and for others it was the day they moved to secondary school. Both are really momentous occasions when we feel we are starting to grow up. I have to admit I can’t really remember my very first day of school because it does feel like a long time ago. I do remember the day I moved to secondary school.

It was scary and exciting in equal measure. There were quite a few friends from primary school that moved at the same time which lessened the impact. But so many new things hit me that first day that it was difficult to take it all in. New people, a new timetable, a new approach (not so much fun), new teachers and new subjects were on the agenda. It was a huge leap towards adulthood.

The move to secondary school was one of the first times you really got to grips with the changes that life will bring. A few years later I was leaving school to go to college, and then leaving college to go to university and then leaving university to head to the world of work. I am sure lots of parents will be debriefing the events today and attempting to give the grounding and stability that the new schoolchildren need.

Change is one of the certainties of life but is also one of the most challenging things for people to accept. We get used to having it just so, everything in the right place and just when we become familiar it changes. How we respond to changing environments is one of the most critical elements of modern life. We can see it as a positive or a negative, but the former is where we need to be. Leaving school was an opportunity to move on and keep learning. Leaving university was an opportunity to stand on my own two feet and head into my chosen profession.

I am sure there will have been some tears and some laughter with those first days at school, but there will certainly have been lots of learning and a big step into accepting change.



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