Family and memories

I was given something that is more valuable than it looks today. Sat in the front room of my home now is my grandmothers sewing box which has a very 1970s look to it. It was given to me by my mum because it houses many threads that I now have to help me get creative.

It reminded me how important both family and memories are. Both of them are uniquely individual to us and are part of what we are built upon. The problem with modern life is that we can pass over or ignore them and what they may be indicating to us. After all, there are many, many years of experience that exist within families. If we are lucky then we can access it and hopefully learn from it.

Our grandparents have lived and learnt. In many cultures that would mean they have a revered state within society but for some reason we have lost it. There is too much value placed on youth and the energy that has. We need instead to recognise that older people have a unique place having seen and lived through changing times and many significant events. Unfortunately, I don’t have any grandparents still around but I like to keep photographs of them on my mantelpiece.

If someone asked you what would you say are your most treasured memories? What are the memories that you rely on when you need a boost? Mine usually involve family members and significant occasions. They are always with me and often I just need to remember to tap into them to feel better, get some guidance or remember what matters.

The sewing box is a great way to remind me of what my grandparents stood for, what was important to them and what they knew about life. There are other ways I do this but for now I am going to enjoying the connection to the past that the box gives me.

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