A bit more well done

A lot of people were recognised for their contributions to society today in the Queen’s Birthday Honours. Twice a year a whole range of people from different walks of life with a variety of work and interests are rewarded in this way. It is a great honour for those who are chosen because everyone wants to feel valued for what they do.

It is important that people find the opportunities to say thank you to people who do a great job. When was the last time you really thanked someone for good service in a restaurant, in a shop or when you are out and about? I had a great experience on the flight back today and made sure that the staff knew how I felt. It is the same in restaurants when it is good I like to make sure they know it is as well as leaving a tip.

At work we often forget to say thank you and to recognise the great things that go on around us. We work with people who achieve some amazing things on a regular basis and it is not just for bosses to say thank you, we all should. It doesn’t have to be a significant award it can be as important to just say well done for what has been achieved.

If everyone did this then it would bring a boost to the workplace. If we celebrate the achievements it improves morale and can increase engagement as people feel a significant attachment to what they are doing. We all want to succeed and do our best. It is for organisations to capture this and to foster a culture where recognising good work and saying thank you is the norm.

A huge congratulations to all those that have received honours today but let us all say thank you just a bit more tomorrow than we did today.

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