Say it today

There was a wonderful documentary shown tonight that paid tribute to Victoria Wood and her comic genius. It was great to see some of the best bits from the past years and to realise what she had given to people. Throughout the years people had grown up laughing at the amazing characters she created but also crying at some very poignant performances. She truly was a very clever and talented person.

While the programme was a great watch it was a tweet that I read about it shortly afterwards that really stuck with me. I wish I could remember who had posted it but it flew by me and I now can’t trace it. What they were saying was important for all of us. They said it was lovely to hear such heartfelt and emotional tributes but don’t wait until someone is not around tell them today.

It is so true that too often we are caught up in the daily businesses of life that we don’t stop to recognise those who are doing amazing things around us. We all have many people in our lives that we admire, look up to or have to be grateful to for what they have done. How many of us have actually told someone all the positive points we have to say about them? Very few.

I did an online course – or MOOC – recently where one of the tasks was to write a letter to someone you admire. That bit was easy. You then had to read it out to them so they could hear all the fantastic heartfelt sentiments. I did this and it was a really emotional experience but I was so glad that I did it.

We need to appreciate those around us now, when we can and we have the opportunity to let them know what we think. I am going to make sure I can say thank you and appreciate people today not tomorrow.

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