Hitting the right note

Tonight is the annual assault on the ears that is the Eurovision song contest. I can’t say it is something I look forward to, it isn’t. If it didn’t happen it wouldn’t mean anything to me and I definitely don’t want to sit down and watch it either on my own or with friends.

A few years ago I thought it was going to disappear as it had become side-lined and increasingly irrelevant to peoples’ lives. However, since the growth of social media it has definitely seen a turn around. I have had to avoid Twitter this evening as my timeline is full of discussion about it. Everybody I follow it seems has been sucked into watching it and then chatting to others about the contest. Young and old it appears there are no boundaries to those who are watching the event.

I wonder whether we would still be viewing the contest if there wasn’t the chance to launch, cry and share with other people. There are some things that have had a huge boost with the advent of social media, and watching television is one of those. People come together sharing their views and discussing winners and losers. Often there is more creativity in the social media posts than there is on the Eurovision stage.

It is easy to get dragged into the discussion around it as human nature is that we want to be part of the group. But we should not succumb to the pressure of conforming. It is important to be true to ourselves as I have blogged before. So, I will let people watch Eurovision and discuss it, and I hope they enjoy themselves. I will do something else instead.


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