Facebook gets serious

It was interesting to read about the rumoured developments we might see to Facebook in the coming months. The social network is really pushing for global dominance and control since the introduction of Messenger and Facebook Live. Now it seems we are in for some possible developments with chatbots and additional messenger functionality to support Facebook for business.

If they happen it will make doing business through Facebook even easier than it currently is. At the moment there are only a few big companies using the Messenger business functionality, but you can see a lot of smaller businesses, single-person ventures and services using the regular Facebook to highlight their work.

In the past six months I have done an increasing amount of buying through companies that I have found through Facebook. There is so much that it can do to promote small businesses and it helps those that are different to stand out from the crowd. People who make and sell products really do need to have a social media strategy but more importantly a plan for using Facebook for their business.

Every time I buy something from a seller I have found through Facebook, I will share the details of it with my friends and hopefully they will probably share it with theirs. When I enjoy a wonderful service from someone I will let other people know about it. There is so much to be gained by having a business strategy that develops the use of Facebook.

The world of social media is really becoming advanced and developed. It brings with it some challenges with more networks that people are using in lots of different ways. The key remains to have a clear strategy related to the business and fit the use of social media to what you are about. It will be interesting to see whether public services ever find a way to do business through Facebook or other social media but that is a discussion for another day.

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