Grab the moment, release the worry

Life is quite a fragile thing. We don’t like to think about it in this way but it is. Every day we set out with a plan of what we are going to do but we don’t know whether we will actually achieve it. All kinds of things can happen and derail our plans; big things and small things.

The world is changing on a daily basis and we have to be able to deal with this. It means what is around us today may not be around us tomorrow, and we have to make the most of each moment. You might wonder why I am in such a reflective mood but it is linked to events during the week. I also managed to fall down the stairs at home today. I am a bit battered and bruised but if I had fallen differently it could have been much more serious.

We all spend far too much time worrying about the small things and missing the joy that is around us. We worry about not having things, or we worry that we have too many things. We worry that we aren’t doing things, and we worry that we are doing too many things. In short we make sure that we are feeling the pressure of modern life.

That doesn’t mean that we should all give up work and become hippies. Instead, we need to take a bit of time each day to see what we have and be grateful for it. We have to make the most of the good things; the good times, the happy days and the moments of joy.

There is a lot of pain and suffering in the world. People face terrible situations on a daily basis and they are tested by events. Why do we waste the time we have by focusing on the negative and missing the positive? Why do we rush through each day with our heads down when we should be looking at the sun?

Perhaps we all need to wake up in the morning and find the joy around us and say thank you for it.

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