Strength from within

Today I really struggled to do much and in fact I am incredibly frustrated that I lost most of the day. It was my own fault as I tried to be able to drink but after three glasses of wine I realised once again I can’t do it. I have suffered today and now remember why I prefer a cup of tea.

The reason I had decided to indulge in a bit of alcohol therapy was an attempt to unwind after a particularly difficult week at work. It really wasn’t the best course of action as I came to realise when I woke up this morning. When we are going through challenging times that put us under pressure we can’t expect to feel better by leaning on external things. The support of family and friends can be important and it can assist but it will never sort things out.

Modern life is really stressful as we are all trying to pack in as much as we can. We want to do it all, and that is usually fine unless additional pressures arise and can just tip the scales the wrong way. We don’t spend enough time looking after our mental well-being in the same way as we do our physical health. It is rarely talked about and there is no way at the moment there could be an advert about improving your mental health in the same way we see adverts for gyms.

The way I can feel better about the current situation comes from within. It comes from me reconnecting with the things that are important in my life and finding strength from making those links. I can then start to focus on what may need to be done to improve the situation, and also take a positive approach to where I currently find myself. After all I can’t change the way other people behave but I can change the way I react to things.

So I am now sat with a cup of tea and will be working on my mental state so that I can look at things in a different way and find the strength for the week ahead.

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