These are my moments

The pace of modern life is something that I have spent a lot of time talking about in recent months and particularly with the fast and furious start to 2016. We seem to always be dashing from one thing to another, trying to pack a lot into each minute, hour and day. The question is how do we capture those key moments?

For many people they do it through photographs that they share on social media. Or at least that is what they think they are doing but a quick look at Facebook would lead one to question if that is really the key moments in your day.

I suppose we have to ask what makes the key moments in your day. What are the things that happen that we want to remember and hold onto in our minds? How can you memorise those moments and recall them when you need a boost? In short what are our priorities and where do we store our memories?

I am not going to focus on biology or psychology; this is about our hearts and minds. This morning I had one of those lovely moments when both my little gerbil friends were snuggled in their sleeping bags eating a treat. It was almost like synchronised eating and was a moment to lift my spirits. Another moment happened later in the day, when I had the most amazing lesson on my 20-year-old horse. He is showing the signs of age a little with arthritis but felt wonderful on the lesson and it was as if 10 years had fallen away. Another key moment that I need to capture and call upon when we have some hard days.

My moments are ones that I keep in my mind and I have tried to focus on all the little details including how they made me feel. Then I store it away and hope that when I am having a bad or difficult day I can recall them and they can raise my spirits. In a world when we are rushing and trying to pack so much in are we failing to see those wonderful moments that are right in front of us?

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