Sunday night, Monday morning

So it is Sunday night and how are you feeling about a Monday morning back at work? For many people Sunday nights can be a really stressful time as you don’t want to think about the start of another week in work. I have been there myself.

I have had some jobs where I was ecstatic on Friday night, had a good Saturday and then I hit a wall of depression when Sunday came around. For anyone who is going through that, don’t put up with it any longer make a change.

We spend a significant proportion of our lives within work and if you are doing something that you don’t like why not try an alternative. Feeling stuck in a job you dislike really can start to impact on all parts of your life. It makes you difficult to live with, difficult to spend time with and difficult to help.

I am in a privileged position now. After a few years where work was a Sunday nightmare, I am now in a role I thoroughly enjoy and actually look forward to going into work. As I mentioned in a recent blog I am slightly addicted to my work and do like to keep on top of things even at the weekend. It brings with it some other pressures but I would rather have these than to sit trying to turn the clock back so I don’t have to face Monday morning.

So for anyone sat at home not wanting to go to work tomorrow, I understand your pain. All I can say is don’t accept the status quo. Look for something new and in the mean time find a way to cope with the stress of Monday morning.

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