A time to reflect and say thank you

There is only one subject that I feel I should blog about tonight. I arrived at work early this morning to hear the terrible news that a Merseyside Police officer had been killed on duty. It may have been 14 years since I worked there but it still felt very close to home. It is only a couple of years since we suffered the same horrific loss of officers on duty. My thoughts immediately went to the officer’s family, friends and colleagues.

We all know that being a police officer comes with risks but no-one will expect to say goodbye to their loved one as they head off to work and for them not to return. It is that risk that officers live with on a daily basis but more than that so do their families.

It reminded me once again why we should say thank you to those people whose work means they put themselves in danger to help others. We rarely think about it until we need those emergency personnel to step in and save us. People need to look beyond the uniform and recognise that every single person that goes out wearing the police uniform is a person with a family, hopes and dreams. It is too easy to just label them as a police officer.

Of course police officers get things wrong, make mistakes and don’t always make the right decision. Why do they do that? Well, because of exactly what I said they are real people with real lives. We can all be quick to judge and also to make sweeping statements about professions, people or groups. But now is the time to reflect on another sad day for the emergency services and to remember what they do for us all.

Let us all take five minutes to think about David Phillips and his family, and then say thank you to all those people who do jobs that keep us safe.

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1 Response to A time to reflect and say thank you

  1. ivornovella says:

    I live in Wirral and my drive to work was affected what happened today to that police officer. When I released what had happened I was profoundly saddened. You leave your children for a routine day at work and you don’t come back!
    you say your goodbyes thinking you will see them again and then this happens. God bless to this poor man just doing his job and my thoughts to his wife, daughters and family.


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