Technomania – do you have it?

I have had a couple of days away from technology, well almost. My diary has taken me out and about with horses which has left little time for checking out emails, tweets and Facebook posts. I admit I have still been able to check them and reply but it has only been a couple of times during the day rather than every 10 or 15 minutes.

But my obsession with technology goes further than just wanting to keep updated 24 hours a day. I think I am starting to have a weird desire for new technology – which I believe is called technomania.

So why do I think I have technomania?

Well, first I got an email about the chance of grabbing Google Glass at a cost of around £800 in May or June. Rather than think ‘that is a bit expensive, I will wait for the price to drop’, I was trying to work out whether I could convince my other half that it was a good idea to buy them. I was hoping he would see it as a possible investment opportunity. I know they are still in development and so waiting is likely to be the more sensible option but I really am obsessing about being able to try them out.

What next? I recently came across the Poken. A sort of modern-day business card that is ideal for exchanging details at conferences, and for collecting people’s details for the future. It is a really neat idea and I have owned one for a couple of months. I love it. But there aren’t many people currently using them which sort of makes it less useful!

Then there is my hobbies, pastimes and interests. I am happy doing them and reading about them. But I am also always looking for how technology can support them. I have so many apps on my iPad it can’t be healthy. And not only that, but I love being able to find a new app that I can test, try or use. I feel the same way about new social networks. I have to be there to see them, try them and make a decision about whether I will use them all the time, sometimes or probably not again.

You can debate whether it is a good thing or not but I wonder how many people are becoming technomaniacs. How many of us want to try out the latest gadget? How many want to test apps, networks or new ideas? I definitely know of one person that does.

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1 Response to Technomania – do you have it?

  1. pamelawelsh says:

    I wonder if some of it is about control. I have no self-control when it comes to checking emails and seem to be permanently tied to my phone or iPad. I feel both liberated and terrified when I’m without my phone for more than an hour. How sad is that?


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