Overcoming obstacles

Growing up my parents gave me the confidence to think I could achieve whatever I wanted to if I put my mind to it. They ensured their two daughters were determined and single-minded.

At primary school I was in the football team for a short but exciting time. When I became a reporter I leapt at the opportunity to do some sport reporting and was often the only woman at the after match football press conferences. It didn’t worry me I enjoyed it.

Almost two decades ago I started working in the police and was often the only woman in a room full of men. It drove me on so that I worked towards becoming a head of communication.

Gender has never been something that I have let cloud my thoughts. I simply have been trying to do what I wanted to do. In an ideal world we wouldn’t need support groups to help women succeed. For a long time I questioned their existence but I realise I am in a fortunate position and for many they face barriers to succeeding just because they are female.

It is why I am so passionate about being an ambassador for Women in PR. There is a chance to make a difference and help women get where they want to on an equal footing with male counterparts. It is great that the ambassadors include a number of men which for me sends absolutely the right message.

I am saddened that in 2018 many women are still not receiving equal pay, feel prevented from getting where they want to be and have to fight for their position. But we all have a chance to make a difference and this is what I want to do as an ambassador.

Let me know what you think is important to this work and what it should focus on.

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