One from the bucket list

As a teenage activist there was one place that I longed to visit, see or be linked to and that was the London School of Economics. The famed LSE appeared on University Challenge alongside those Oxbridge institutions. It always had people who looked as though they didn’t conform who were studying interesting subjects.

My studies never took me there. I think I would have been too intimidated to believe I could ever be part of that educational Goliath.

You can imagine my surprise when last year I was approached to be a guest speaker on a postgraduate media and communication course. I said yes in an instant after all it is the only way I would ever get to be associated with the illustrious institution.

Today was the day when I had to stand up and speak. I admit to being so nervous that I could have easily been sick. I had made myself worse on the long train journey down. I never think of myself as remotely academic as I have avoided education for many years (except my Chartered PR assessment). How can I stand up in front of those people and talk about the industry?

All I could do was cling to what I know from personal experience of living and breathing PR and communication for more than 20 years. I will wait for the feedback to find out whether that was enough.

One thing is clear as I slowly relax from all that stress and tension. I have achieved something and ticked one thing off my bucket list. I have been to the LSE, seen it, smelled it and touched it. I can be content.

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1 Response to One from the bucket list

  1. Prudence coleman says:

    Have no fear you will have been a success. You alwats put your all into anything you do. I also must disagree with you, you have always been acadamic you have accomplished and learnt so much.


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