A lot left to do

I have had a frustrating day. For a number of reasons I haven’t done what I wanted to. The list I held in my head has not been achieved and that makes me feel annoyed. I know that ‘to do lists’ are really just something that should be used at work but if I don’t make a mental or physical note then I can miss doing some important tasks.

Instead of doing the paperwork that I had been planning I ended up doing some Christmas shopping and trying to get rid of a niggling headache. I did manage to get quite a few festive gifts but it took some time before I felt a bit more human. I sit here tonight getting ready for the week ahead and still have a pile of paperwork that needs to be completed.

I seem to spend my whole time working to a timetable. When I am at work it is meetings, shifts and tasks that need to be done and when I am at home it is the call of the horse, the work to keep the house ship-shape and family. It isn’t something that worries me most of the time but when days like today happen it frustrates me. I head into the week with a sense of being overwhelmed by a backlog of tasks to be completed. It isn’t a good place to be.

I wonder what happened to my approach as a teenager when I would be quite happy to sleep in until lunchtime at the weekends, go out at night and then rush to complete homework or essays before the start of the week. It was a carefree time when there was no rush to achieve a whole list of weekend tasks. So what has happened?

Like most people, we get weighed down by the responsibilities of adult life. Today may have felt like a bit of a wasted day but I need to change my perspective and realise that I can do those things tomorrow or the day after. Deadlines do exist but I create more of them in my head. I can put my thoughts to better use and focus on what I have done this weekend.

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