A fond farewell

We all find change a bit unsettling. Human nature is that we like to have certainty and to know that things will be similar tomorrow as they were today and as they have been yesterday. We know that this is not going to be the case because events happen and we can’t know what is round the corner. When it is people leaving an organisation or team then the change can be even more concerning.

There are some strong friendships and bonds that are made through work. We spend a lot of time together and often dealing with very difficult and traumatic circumstances. It makes the connection between employees a significant part of working life. I have worked in my current job for some years now and so many I have worked alongside throughout this time are now moving on. Some are retiring and some are moving to new roles. The impact is the same in both cases.

I have learnt a lot from many people that I have worked alongside. I hold some treasured memories and lots of events that make me laugh or smile. I will miss lots of things about each and every one of the people who have and are leaving. But it is important to keep focused on the positive from the time that I have had with all these colleagues.

The workplace will change with a new set of people in those roles. It doesn’t mean it will be better or worse, it will just be different. I won’t be able to rely on those people who have been around me for many years and have offered support. I will need to build some new relationships.

I will take the positive experiences I have had with those who have moved on. I will welcome the chance to work with new people and learn some new things. Above all to all those people who have recently left or are about to leave I am grateful for the time I have had working with you. Good luck for the future.

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