A fresh look in a cold climate

The temperature has dropped over the past couple of days and today we were treated to a dusting of snow on the ground. It is surprising what an impact it makes. The snow brings a new light to the dark winter nights and makes trees and plants look different. Once the snow has fallen it then makes us behave in different ways. We have to wrap up to keep warm and ensure we have the right footwear.

This is what we need to remember as communication professionals, new pieces of information can alter our perception of things. If you think about it this is obvious but we rarely do think about it. We make our views and assessment of things but our views may change when we learn new things and uncover additional information. We start to see things in a different way.

When we are developing communication plans we have to be aware of many things but most importantly is to know what perceptions exist and how new information will affect them. There are times when we can use our work to help with the change in views. But often we have to wait for things to have that impact just like the snow.

If we are going to have an impact on views or perspectives then we also have to be ready for the actions that may follow. As I said the snow and cold weather make us change our dress and do different things. In the same way when we are communicating to change views we have to be aware of the outcomes that could follow.

The joy of seeing fresh snow on the ground should be the same as the excitement of taking a new look at the things around you. Perhaps the time is right, as we are at the start of a new year, for us to open our eyes and take a fresh look at our lives – our work, our home and our future.

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