It’s my life and my choice

It is late on Sunday night and this is the first time I have had a moment to sit down and blog. I am not complaining as I have had a fantastic day. The morning was spent with my horse having a bit of quality time and riding. The afternoon was spent judging some dressage tests and everything from beginners to Medium (more advanced for those non-horsey people). The evening was a whirlwind as my nephew celebrated his fifth birthday and his sister, my niece, celebrated her third birthday.

Now I am sat down with a cup of tea and I am exhausted but I have a hugely satisfied feeling. Why? Well I have spent my time from 8am this morning through to 10pm doing things that make me smile. I have been focusing on those elements of my life that can cheer me up even through dark days.

I have mentioned before how great it is to reconnect with your inner child. Tonight I may have been tired but I was back being a five-year-old running around, laughing at nothing and with no worries at all. Everything was fun and there was no concept of time at all. I always enjoy spending time with my nephews and niece but that doesn’t mean I wish I had children.

It is something many people can’t understand but I was reading an article this weekend about the increasing number of people who are choosing not to have children. At the heart of it is one thing, it is a personal decision and not one that people should judge. I am very protective of my nephews and niece and do whatever I can to make sure they have a happy life. That is incredibly important to me as they are a key part of our family.

The important thing is that we should not judge others or the decisions they make, after all you don’t know what is behind that decision. People make personal choices about their life, and tonight I am quite happy with mine.


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