Take the opportunities

If we are to survive modern life then we have to accept doing things that we don’t want to or we find irrelevant. We have to do some things because they are the right things to do and others because it is expected of us. That said we only have a short time on earth and need to make the most of it.

I have had a few conversations recently with people who are considering a career change or doing something new or different. Taking a leap into something can be quite scary, particularly if it is a new job or career. Making a move will make us full of anticipation, excitement and of course fear of the unknown. If we want to make a change what is holding us back?

Most of us are happy with the familiar which helps us to feel secure. But if it doesn’t make us happy then why should we continue? For anyone working in communication roles we know that change is a constant but also a huge concern for staff. Yet we have to find creative ways to explain the change and to bring them along to the new state.

We should take these skills and apply them to our own lives. If we are planning a change we can prepare ourselves and then take it step-by-step like we would in communication planning. It does take courage but we are already asking that of the staff facing changes so must listen to our words.

In our lives we face a few opportunities some arrive and others are of our own making. The opportunity may be to take a new career path, a change on role, a move or just to do something different. It could even be a decision to change behaviour or how we react to events. Whatever the change it is not important. What matters is that the time we have is short and we need to grasp the opportunities we have however scary it may be to make a change. Act now.

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1 Response to Take the opportunities

  1. I love change and fully embrace it. Whether it’s at work or in the my personal life. I think life’s to short to not act now.


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