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Leaders, responsibility and a time to act

The leadership of all organisations should consider what they would do in these difficult circumstances. If they get caught up in a crisis will they stay and sort it out or will they make way for someone else in a bid to maintain confidence? Continue reading

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Tough at the top? Get better at comms

If I was ever thinking about going into politics this programme and the state of what is happening in the UK government and around the world would make me think again. Continue reading

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Smell the coffee

I could not let today go by without blogging about what has been the topic of conversation everywhere. The result of the American election has shocked many and is seen as a significant development. 2016 has been an odd year … Continue reading

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Petrol crisis, what petrol crisis?

In the past few days there has been much criticism of the Government’s handling of the communication about a possible fuel strike. Commentators have pointed to recent communications and pronouncements as the cause of the panic buying of fuel. So, … Continue reading

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