Go your own way

The old saying ‘you don’t know what you have got till it’s gone’ has never felt more accurate than as I reflect on International Women’s Day. I have never been a fan of this day as I feel that it shouldn’t be necessary to promote women, to highlight what they do and to raise issues of concern. But in 2023 it feels we need it more than ever.

It is a time to reflect on the women that have helped to shape me and my life. Just a couple of weeks before Mother’s Day that has to be where we all start. Our Mums have such a profound impact on our lives and I have been incredibly blessed with the 51 years I shared with my Mum. It is still tinged with sadness when I talk about what she gave me as I know it can only be in my memories now. My Mum gave me the confidence to believe that I could achieve whatever I wanted to and that I was, and would be, as good as any man.

Would I have been able to spend more than two decades in policing, to write two books, to set up my own businesses without that support in my formative years? I doubt it. I always describe Mum as a force of nature, and so was her mother my Granny Taylor.

Granny T worked in service and after her own mother died very young had to take on huge responsibilities. She was always a soft and warm person to me but she had inner steel. I am lucky enough to have the start of the life story she was going to write, and it definitely needs to be shared publicly at some point. Her life was far from easy but she went through being her own person.

My Dad’s mum, Granny C, was a very different person but had the same strength. She faced debilitating illness in her more than 90 years but battled through even challenging the medical profession at times. In her younger years she went to finishing school and had an amazing poise and elegance throughout her life.

These three women have had a huge impact on my life, my attitude and my choices. I wish I could spend some more time with them but I am always able to connect through my memories. There are a whole range of other women who have had an impact on me from my primary school teacher Mrs Peacon who encouraged my writing through to so many police women who I have worked with. Strong, resilient leaders even when they faced unbelievable pressure.

In the three years that I have been running my consultancy I have met so many women who are doing the same running their own business and weathering the ups and downs that brings. They have been a huge support for this fledgling business owner so thank you, and you will know who you are.

What all of these women demonstrated was that you need to be true to yourself and plough your own furrow in life.

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