Crisis communication under review

Three years ago I thought all my Christmases had come at once when I was given the opportunity to write a book. It was the achievement of a life long ambition and despite the concern that it would be good enough, I really enjoyed the writing process. Of course, it also helped that it was about something that really matters to me – effective crisis communication. The exciting news I shared this week is that I am working on a second edition.

I now have the opportunity to revisit the original words and look at how things may have developed, what needs to be included and what may need to change. My challenge this time is going to be to keep within the word count and find elements to cut.

The second edition is due to be published in March 2023 so work is take place in earnest now to ensure the deadlines are met. And this is where I am hoping you will help whether you have read the original book or not.

Two elements that I feel absolutely must be covered in more detail now I have the opportunity are diversity and inclusivity in crisis communication and ways to evaluate your crisis communication during the lifespan of the situation. The question I am asking is what do you feel needs to be included in the new edition?

Do you want to understand more about how to manage risks?

Would you like to see a model crisis communication strategy?

Are you concerned about how to prepare and brief a spokesperson?

Does managing a long running crisis cause you concern?

Is there an issue with misinformation and how to tackle it?

If none of the above are a problem for you then what would you like to see within the new edition of the book? And what crises interest you and which would you like to see as case studies?

The world has changed substantially since I was writing the original book in 2019. We have seen a pandemic, war in Europe and a cost of living crisis. All of this will help me to critically assess whether any of the points, plans, checklists and principles that I originally shared need to be changed. In many cases I know that these recent events have reinforced my thinking about the most effective crisis communication response. But I will be ensuring the most up-to-date practical information is included in the new edition.

I would love to hear your thoughts on what to include, what interests you and also what crisis communication issues give you sleepless nights. If you have any thoughts please email me at

Thanks to everyone who has bought the original edition of Crisis Communication Strategies and to Kogan Page for giving me the opportunity to write a second edition.

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