Are you one of the ‘preppers ’?

What would you do if a solar flare knocked out the power across the world for an extended period of time? How would you cope? And have you ever even thought about such an event?

The dilemma is the subject under consideration in a new book that was being reviewed on the radio this week. It made me consider how prepared should we be and what is it right to get ready for.

It appears there are survivalist groups that spend time preparing for Armageddon or all the things that could happen in the way to it. They stockpile food and supplies so they could deal with whatever happens. These are the same people who used the Covid-19 pandemic to hunker down and see how they could get through it.

Are they odd or are they just the ultimate in prepared for an emergency? Where can we draw the line between those two? I spend my time talking to people about the importance of being prepared. The priority that should be given to crisis communication planning and the testing of those plans. Does that make me one of the ‘preppers’?

I am not going to fill my spare room with survival food, batteries and bottles of water. But we do need to have some things ready for any blackouts that may happen. Storm Arwen and other events have shown us that being ready to deal with having no power for an extended period of time has to be considered. As a communicator how will you get messages out of you have no laptop and no access to social media? How will you speak to journalists if your mobile phone has no charge?

There are lots of options that we can consider and have ready for when we may need them. We all need to be a little more prepared for crises and emergencies. Does that make me a ‘prepper’? No, but we all need to think the unthinkable so we can be able to function no matter what happens.

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