Culture, sexism and politics

Bad behaviour at work is something that affects every organisation and business. Workplaces are made up of people and that brings problems. Everyone is different and that is for both good and bad.

The situation at Westminster is not a surprise as if you leave things unchecked and pay little regard to having necessary checks and balances around the work environment bad behaviour will continue. It appears that as the world has been moving on political life has been stuck in the past.

It is frustrating to see the criticisms levelled at police culture and particularly that of the Metropolitan Police in recent months from people operating in a questionable workplace. In the Met Police’s case it ultimately led to the person at the top leaving. But how could that happen at Westminster?

Everyday there are more allegations and eyebrow raising comments about how it is for those working in and around government. I have heard similar stories of misogyny and sexist behaviour from those working in Westminster over the years. It appears that culture has been allowed to flourish and for that all those in senior positions have to take some responsibility.

So what next? Things need to change and soon. It is not acceptable for these situations to continue and for the same conversation to be had in another 10 years. If action is not taken then politics will become segregated from he rest of the society and it risks becoming an irrelevance.

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